Undocumented OFWs in Kuwait

Undocumented OFWs Told To Get Travel Documents

The Philippine Embassy led by Charge d’ Affaires Atty. Raul H Dado urged the Filipino community to remain calm and sought everyone’s cooperation in disseminating the correct information amid the ongoing massive crackdown on illegal residents in Kuwait. He also reminded all Filipinos to follow the laws of the host country.

Dado said that the Philippine Embassy and the POLO-OWWA are ready to help all undocumented Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) go home by expediting their travel documents and endorsing them to the Kuwait Immigration authorities.

The Philippine officials requested the Filipino community leaders particularly the president of each organisation to help in the distribution of travel document application to undocumented OFWs or those who have no iqama. He stressed that to those who have been overstaying in Kuwait or with no residence permit and want to go home, they can go to the embassy and apply for a travel document. In case of an emergency, please contact the embassy hotline 55952909.

In light of the recent developments, Dado after meeting with the Filipino community leaders, issued a Sixteen-Point Advisory for OFWs of 15 June 2013 that contains guidelines for Filipinos to follow. Below is the advisory from the Philippine Embassy:

1. Don’t panic. These events will pass. Community leaders will explain these guidelines to their members.

2. Those with legal papers should not worry. Avoid unnecessary trips at anytime.

For more information on this 16 point advisory, visit http://kabayaninkuwait.com/philippine-embassy-issues-16-pt-advisory-for-ofws/

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