Risk Analysis of Overseas Foreign Workers

The Individual OFW
A newly landed OFW experiences alienation (homesickness) residing in a foreign country awayfrom their family. This feeling can either increase or decrease over time based on factorsaffecting the individual and the environment they land in. This affects the personalpsychological health and general well-being of the OFW. Social interactions with a local socialnetwork help alleviate homesickness. However, these social interactions sometimes complicaterelationships, and can become a cause for relationships (already strained by distance) to groweven further apart.
The OFW’s Family
The OFW’s family experiences the absence of their family member (parent or spouse) whichalso brings about loneliness and could result in estranged relationships over time. Theeconomic relief that some of the OFW’s seek for themselves and their families, areovershadowed by the fact of broken relationships. Marriages are stressed and possibly broken,caused by infidelities by either the ones who left, or the ones who were left behind. Childrenexperience years of ‘growing-up’ without the physical presence (or discipline) of their parent.We also oftentimes witness a reversal of gender roles where the wife becomes thebreadwinner (and the husband the family’s caregiver), adding more strain into an alreadystressed relationship.

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