Renewing a US or American Passport in the Philippines

Renewing a US or American Passport in the Philippines

REMINDER:  Just because a passport is expired it doesn’t mean that you are no longer a U.S. citizen. That’s not true. You still have the same rights and privilege as a U.S, Citizen. This means you can go to the U.S. Embassy any time you want – during operating hours, of course, and receive the same service as you’d expect when your passport is valid. Your passport is just expired and just needs to be renewed. You can call in for information or go there and ask. That’s what they are there for.

You can renew your US or American passport in the Philippines either at the US Consulate in Cebu or at the US Embassy in Manila.

If you are closer to Manila, then renew your US or American passport at the American Embassy in Manila. To renew it in Manila, you need an email address. You mail your renewal application together with the (2 each) 2×2 ID photo and the old passport. Once they receive your application, the US Embassy will email you instructions when to come to the US Embassy to pay for your passport renewal. Rates change so please check the current price or for more up to date information click here.

On your appointment date to pay, it is best to stop across the street of the US Embassy and use the overpass walk bridge to go to the Embassy. You don’t have to fall in line outside the US Embassy on Roxas Blvd. There is a special line for US citizens and you go through that entrance. You will see a longer line outside but that’s for people applying for  a visa – visitor, fiance, spousal, work, etc. You do not go on that line. You will also encounter people outside the embassy asking you to have your cellphone secured with them – you don’t need to that because you are a US citizen. The guards in the US Citizen Services door/entrance will take your cellphone and/or other valuables to secure it while you are taking care of your business inside the Embassy. There are no cellphones or picture taking allowed inside the US Embassy building for security reasons.

Once inside the Embassy, you will be given a number so you have to wait until called. First, you will wait outside, then you go to the 2nd floor and wait. Make sure you have the money on hand – either in pesos or dollar. You will also pay for the mailing of your passport in advance. After you’ve (or your designated representative) made your payment, then you wait until the Embassy completes the renewal process. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the renewal process to get done. You will not get your passport that day.

If you are in the Visayas or Mindanao, you can renew or file for lost US or American passport at the Philippine Consulate in Cebu. You don’t have to go to Manila. The US Consulate in Cebu is only open in the morning. You go to the US Consulate in Cebu located below the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. The guard will give you a number at the door and you go in when your number is called. Once you’re inside the Consulate, your number will be called again and that will be the time that you either fill out or give your application, together with the (2 each) 2×2 ID photo and the old passport.

Passport renewals through the US Consulate in Cebu will take 3-4 weeks contrary to the Manila processing time because of the mailing time to Manila. You pay for the passport renewal on the spot and also need to make a note that you want the passport mailed to your address. This note will notify the US Embassy in Manila to mail your passport to you – collect, through Air21. Once your passport is renewed, the US Embassy will send your new and old passport to you through Air21. During the Air21  delivery of your new American passport, the courier will ask you for a cash payment. This will cover the  mailing (P91.00 as of Dec 2012).

US Passport renewal in the Philippines

US Passport renewal in the Philippines

Expired US or American Passport while in the Philippines

You may run into an expiring US or American passport while in the Philippines. No worries, you can renew it while in the Philippines. You can also ask for an emergency (temporary extension) passport which is good for a year but you have to prove or convince the Consul that it is an emergency. You will be asked to write down the reason why you need an emergency passport. Or you can renew it and go through the process.

The US Embassy or Consulate has to approve the issuance of an emergency passport and you will get a temporary passport the same day or the next day. It would be advisable to bring a copy of your flight reservation if you are flying out for an emergency or you can’t wait for the renewal process. It is still at the discretion of the American Consul.

Once you get back into the US, you can renew the emergency passport before it expires that year – for free. The fee you paid for the emergency passport will be credited towards an actual (renewal) passport. If you pass the one year validity of the temporary passport, then you will have to pay for a regular renewal. You will no longer get credit from the temporary passport payment.

Here are the instructions from the US Embassy in Manila. Please follow it step by step. There are no shortcuts. It is just a process and no, it’s not Burger King where you get it the way you want it. Also, you can click on the source below for other instructions such as first passport application for under 16 and over 16 years old or adults, renewing a child passport under 16, renewing for the first time as an adult, correcting or changing information on your passport, adding pages, lost, stolen, or damaged passport, and a passport that expired over 5 years ago. I only had experience renewing it.

Step 1:

  • Fill out electronically and print the DS-82 Application for a U.S. Passport wizard form.  If you experience trouble with this Passport Application Wizard, click here for Form DS-82 (PDF format).  To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  Get a free download from the Adobe website.
  • Fill out and print  (PDF Format). You may also complete the form electronically by using the Passport Application Wizard by clicking here.  To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  Get a free download from the Adobe website.
  • Check that you have read the Privacy and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts Notices and Disclaims and click submit.
  • Print out the DS-82 form upon completion.  Make sure to include a valid email on the form.
  • Please note that some instructions and options on the form are only applicable in the United States.

Step 2:
Mail your documents to the embassy at the following mailing address: Citizenship and Passport Unit, American Citizens Services, Consular Section, U.S. Embassy, 1201 Roxas Boulevard, 1000 Manila.  Do not make an online appointment for this service. Strictly Mail only and no walk in. You may also use our contracted courier by calling (02) 879-4747  to have Air21 courier pick-up the documents and  deliver them to the Embassy.  Note: If you send it via Air21 courier, the one-time courier fee covers the two way service: pick-up of documents and delivery of the completed passport.

Please include the following:

Once your documents are received, the Embassy will notify you through email for the instructions on when to come to the Embassy to pay the application fee as well as to arrange for delivery of the passport with the Embassy’s contracter courier, Air21 courier (for mailed-in applications). Alternatively, you may send a representative to pay the application fee on your behalf.  Please bring:

  • $135 in cash (U.S. dollars or Philippine pesos equivalent) or credit card
  • A printout of the email notification sent to you by the Embassy

Step 4:

Once payment has been made and application has been approved, passport will be processed and delivered within 2-3 weeks. The expired U.S. passport (duly cancelled by the Embassy) will be delivered together with the new U.S. passport.

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  1. hi! i just wanna ask how much ang fee ng renewal of US passport ng minor here in phils? thank you in advance!

  2. Hi my daughter is in the Philippines for 4yrs now and her us passport will expire soon I am here in usa now can you please help me how can I renew my daughters passport while Im here in the us and she is in the Philippines thank you

  3. Hi ! can i ask where to put the growing up photos for the renewal of my passport? Shall i put it on an album or paste it on a paper?

    • You should do it like an album or should I say telling your story as you were growing up. It’ll be easier for the Embassy to review. Good luck.

  4. dulce asoy // May 5, 2015 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    Hi, how about for those staying in the phil for almost 8years without paying here stay.
    He is a pilipino but american much did he pay? And can he still back in the phil?

    • Sorry, pakilinaw po ng message nyo. Pwede ring Bisaya. Ok lang. From your question, over 8 years na sya dyan? Pinoy but American citizen. As far as yung overstay nya, you have to check with BOI and see how much it will be. I suggest to get his Dual Citizenship now para mahinto yung multa.

  5. dulce asoy // May 5, 2015 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    Hi! Ask lang po regarding of my cousin situation, he is a pilipino and a US citizen, he staying here in the
    Phillipines for almost 8yrs. He did not renew or pay here stay in the phil. How much did he pay?
    If he go back to the u.s ,does he cant come back again here In the phil?.

    Thank you and more power.

    • He can always go back to the Philippines. He just needs to pay yung overstay nya. Inquire nyo lang sa BOI kung magkano. Sana nga dual sya. He can still get his Dual Citizenship ngayon so he can at least put a stop sa multa. Good luck.

  6. my father in law will renew his pasp0rt here in the philippines,i already submitted the requirements to the US EMBASSY MANILA,how many days should i wait if they received the documents already

  7. hi how much is the renewal fee for US Passport here in Philippines???reply pls:)

  8. Hi, I have a US citizen son , 15 yr old and never came back to the U.S. since his stay sa pinas when he was 3 mos old. His old US passport and other documents was wiped out by typhoon “Sendong” last Dec 2011, hitting our place. I’m at the U.S. now and my son still in the phil. He wants to come here sa US and I already send him affidavit of consent and passport form and my eldest son together with his wife will accompany my US citizen boy sa Cebu to get the US Passport. Do I need to get a power of attorney here sa US for my eldest son and his wife being authorized ko to accompany my son? Can you tell more kung ano pa ang dapat Gawin at ang lahat na supporting docs na Kailangan in the process? ️Maraming ️Salamat po sa lahat ng advises and help. Godbless you always!

  9. jay de leon // April 10, 2015 at 1:31 am // Reply

    may i have a friend handcarry my passport renewal application package to the u.s. embassy?
    may i send my passport renewal application package via air21? what is
    their contact info–either cp text no. or email, or address in

  10. frank fletcher // April 5, 2015 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    i am a us citizen staying hear in the philippines. can i renew my us passport if my visa status is not up to date?

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