Pilipino Workers’ Center – Los Angeles CA

Pilipino Workers’ Center was formed in 1997, and was established on the idea that all people and communities have rights to a healthy, dignified quality of life. PWC’s mission is to provide immediate services and resources that help meet urgent needs of low to moderate income workers and their families in the short term, and to move them to act collectively to address their own needs and issues for long-term change.

Website:  http://pwcsc.org/about-us/

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  1. Hi good evening, Sir/Madam,

    I am a filipino citizen, college grad and I wish to work abroad for me to be able to provide the needs of my family. A piece of advice will do.


    • Sorry but you have to go through the local recruiters to get jobs abroad.

      If you’re looking sa US, it’s not that easy.

      Salamat for inquiring on thefilipino.com

      TheFilipino.com Webmaster

  2. For cost cutting purposes, Viking River Cruises, based in Woodland Hills, CA, recently began to hire Filipino staff for their European river cruises. The ship’s now have Filipino crew mixed with their traditional European crew. But the Filipino crew are treated unfair by comparison.

    European crew rotate working 8 weeks on the ship, then 2 weeks off the ship with a paid vacation. Filipino crew must for 10 months straight, with no vacation break and no holiday pay.

    Filipino crew are paid a much lesser salary than European crew for the same positions and duties onboard.

    Viking River Cruise passengers pay recommended tips at the end of each cruise for the crew to “share”. Tips should be shared equally with all crew. But, European crew are given a higher percentage of the tips than the Filipino crew.

    Clearly, Viking River Cruises is discriminating based on nationality. I hope the river cruising public supports the Filipino crew onboard Viking River Cruise ships and tells the company to stop this practice. All crew should be respected and paid equally – in contracts, salary and tips.

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