Philippine Association of Hong Kong

all began in 1961 here in Hong Kong, a British colony back then, when a group of Filipinos, prodded by the Consulate General, organized the Philippine Hong Kong Association. At the time there were only about 200 Filipinos in Hong Kong, and, and their main concern then was to seek moral and social support from each other. It was then that a yearly tradition was established: The Philippine Independence Day Ball.

Soon, what began as an organization for socializing underwent a change that reflected the social and political turmoil back home in the Philippines. In the early 70’s, Filipinos flocked to Hong Kong, not just an economic adventure but as political refugees escaping the repression of the Martial Law regime. The Association weaned itself from the Consulate, and took on a more activist stance and expanded its mandate to social and charitable activities.

The economic boom of the 80’s in Hong Kong and the territory’s concern over the Hand Over saw the Association taking on another role, as a de facto Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry dedicated to promoting business, trade and tourism in the Philippines.

Along the way, the membership of the association has also changed. When it began, it was composed of the few Filipino expatriates who happened to be on Hong Kong, mostly executives of multinational companies. Today, the Association membership includes people from all walks of life and nationalities.


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  1. Judith Bernales // June 21, 2015 at 5:28 am // Reply

    Hello Kababayan,musta po kyo lhat jan?
    Naghhanap po aq trbaho jan sa hongkong as domestic helper at pwde po b aq mkahingi ng job asdistance po sa inyo at kung cnu po sa inyo may gnintuangps..saa.gdlss

  2. Alexander Maguigad // October 28, 2014 at 2:24 am // Reply

    I believe that the Philippine Association of Hong Kong should host more networking events like the other International Associations.

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