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Low Airfares to Asia - Philippines, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China and more countries and destinations

Specializing in LOW airfares between US and Asia. Choose among major airlines including Philippine Airlines, Northwest, American, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Korean Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines, and more. We have budget-conscious arrangements with major consolidators so we pass on the savings to you. We have international flights available to Cebu, Clark, and Manila (Ninoy Aquino) Airports. Dometic flights within the Philippines are available as well.

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In order to save on ticket prices, it is advisable to purchase your tickets at least three ( 3 ) weeks before your planned trip or vacation. The earlier you purchase, the greater the savings you will have. Ticket prices go up when you make reservations closer to your departure date. Flights get booked fast so don't think that you will still have seats later. There are a lot of people traveling each day which means you are not the only one.

So plan ahead and book flights right away. You don't want to book your flight too close to your flight date and pay premium prices. Your chances of getting bumped also increases especially on overbooked flights. Getting bumped means you cannot fly that day.

Paper Tickets will be charged an additional $50 plus Mailing Fees. E-Tickets have NO Charges.

We offer Discount Air Fares or airfares and Travel Tickets to the Philippines and Asia. We have cheap tickets to the Philippines. They are cheap or discounted airline tickets to the Philippines or Asia. Very cheap airfare to Asia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, China, Vietnam, Cebu, Manila, Davao, Bacolod, Tacloban, Palawan, Zamboanga, and Clark Airport.

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are as follows:
Below 2 years old 10% of the Adult Price
2 - 11 yrs old 75% of the Adult Price
12 and over Adult Price

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Please enter the airport you wish to fly into. This is not a required entry but we placed this so you have a choice on the airport you wish to fly into. If you have an airline preference, please DO NOT SELECT any of airports below. Not all airlines have direct flights to Clark and/or Cebu.

For Cebu routes, your connecting flights to VizMin areas may have left upon your arrival and you will have to stay in Cebu for a day to catch the next day's flight.

Airline Preference: If you selected an airport above, please do not select an airline. If you did not select an airport above, please select the airline/s you want to fly with.

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Please make sure you have the necessary traveling documents like updated passports and if you are in Conditional Status, an Alien Parole Letter so you will be able to reenter the US.

Alien Parole Letters are issued to green card holders (usually issued to fiance visa immigrants) who are in conditional status. Basically, if you are in conditional status, you can leave the US at anytime provided that you have the Parole Letter. You will need this paperwork to come back or reenter in the US. However, the time spent when you are out of country will be deducted from your length of residency in the US. Please consult the Immigration and Customs Service for an accurate information at

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