OPM hits from the philippines

Filipino Movies

Watch your favorite Filipino Movies and Listen to Radio stations here.

My Valentine Girls (2011)  Entertaining modern film about threesomes. Must be 18 and above to watch this.

Filipino TV Shows

Pilipinas Got Talent 2013   This show has some inspiring messages from everyday Filipino people.

Enjoy! We will keep updating this page as we see more shows! Maraming Salamat po sa inyo.

Filipino Live Radio Stations

Radio stations broadcasting live from the Philippines

OPM Hits (Old Songs)

Apo Hiking  Society Songs

Non Stop Tagalog Mixes

Bisaya Non-Stop Songs

6 Comments on OPM hits from the philippines

  1. I am trying to find filipino kareoke music CDGs in tagalog for my wifes new kareoke machine she is getting for Christmas.

  2. wish play all soap opera theme songs.thank you

  3. Hi! Meron po ba kayong alam na mabibilihan ng original opm cds dito sa US? Thanks!

  4. Tom Delcre // April 17, 2014 at 6:36 pm // Reply

    I’m looking for DVDs that are teaching Philippine Tango. anything out there?

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