Mirrors and Anything Reflective makes a Filipino or Filipina Self-conscious

Whether it’s a mirror, one-way mirror, or anything reflective you will always find a Filipino or Filipina looking at themselves and I don’t know what for. They still look the same five minutes ago. Maybe looks and presentation are important for them. I really do not care much about how I look after I leave the house and I think they need to realize that.

Although you want to look good, it’s still the person’s personality that counts. What are looks for when the person does not even have any manners? In my opinion, it’s the personality that counts and not the looks.


Many worry about their appearance scared that other people may say something to them or tease them. Who really cares what other people say. The important thing is – your are happy with yourself, you have money to spend,  you have food to eat, and you have a roof over your head to keep you dry during the wet and rainy season. I don’t think other people’s comments about your appearance would contribute to any of these. So, hold your head high after you leave home and do what you need to do in life.

Anyway, I’ll make this short and just something that I want to mention because I just see it too often.

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