Flooding in manila

Aug 8, 2012 6PM

Flood in Manila Area

Courtesy of GMANews.TV

Currently, the NCR and surrounding areas and Luzon part of the Philippines is flooded. The rest of the Philippines from Visayas and Mindanao are okay. More Rain is coming.

Author’s note:

Why so much flooding during rainy season?

There are many reasons why flooding happens in Metro Manila whenever it rains. I can critique the governments efforts but they don’t burden all the problems. People will also have to get involved with the solution and not depend on the government. Some things need money to do but some things don’t.

Metro Manila sits between 2 big bodies of water – Laguna Lake and Manila Bay. Manila is also at sea level. There are also rivers running through it. It is unfortunate that this was the piece of land that was developed. How can it be prevented? My own opinion for people would be to move. People shouldn’t accept the location. Yes, people have a choice. The choice to live with the flooding, being wet, being stuck, being forced to stay in the house or on your roof or you can move to a different location that is at a higher ground. Oh, but that’s expensive and easy to say. Well, people made the choice to live there and why can’t people make the choice to move out? No one forced people to live in that area so people should be able to move out.



Also, there is the excuse of – we are poor and we don’t have no money to move. Here’s my question – when you got to that place, were you rich? Really, all I hear are excuses. No one seems to think for the future. I’ve known people who travel 1 or 2 hours just to get to work in Manila. They don’t have flooding and the only problem they have is the traffic during floods. They move so why can’t the other people move? It is a hard fact but people have to realize that for themselves. No one else suffers the worst end of the calamities but themselves. People dwell too much on the sentimental part (I grew up in this place) but not for their safety and safety of their family. Not to mention, they are now in their comfort zone.

Easy for me to say? Well, that depends. Imagine this, every time there are successive days of rain (not a typhoon), the streets get flooded. What that does mean? Loss of income, property, gives you a lot of grief and discomfort. You can’t move because you have to watch your house so no one steals your priced possessions whatever that may be.

Seriously, if those same people had the opportunity to go to the US, Canada, Japan, or Europe to live, they would move out in a heartbeat. So why not move out now and not get wet anymore? Filipinos are survivors. It’s in their blood. So why not move out and go to a higher place that is not prone to flood and start again? People always have this choice.

At any rate, this is just my opinion and just want to point out that people do have a choice despite their existing economic hardship.

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