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Arizona Filipino American Community - Filipinos and Filipino American Organizations in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Goodyear, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Arizona

Association of Philippine Practicing Physicians of Arizona
Fil-Am Golf Association of AZ
Filipino-American Association of Arizona
Filipino American Baptist Church

Filipino American Club of Southern AZ
Filipino American Sampaguita Club of Tucson
Filipino American Students University of Arizona
Filipino American Youth of Arizona

Filipino Catholic Community of AZ
Filipino Family Christian Fellowship (Now Crossover Church)
Jesus is Lord Church - Arizona
Philippine American Association of Yuma
Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Arizona
Philippine American Sports Association of Arizona - PASAA
Philippine Nurses Association - Arizona
Philippine American Students Arizona State University
Pinoy Golfers Club of Arizona

For Filipino Stores in Arizona, click here

For Filipino Restaurants in Arizona, click here

Welcome to the TheFilipino.com. TheFilipino.com was born in 1999. TheFilipino.com has now become the most copied website amongst the other Filipino sites. Some boast rankings but dare to compare their sites to TheFilipino.com. It is now ranked at 148,132 out of 150 million websites. Click here to view the data

The Arizona Filipino Community is a public service information site for Filipinos in the state of Arizona. TheFilipino.com has a 27-year tenure in Arizona and has the experience. We're not here to sell you a house or sell you a loan or refinancing but to give you information about Filipinos in Arizona.  TheFilipino.com has made its rounds around Arizona to meet other Filipinos in Arizona. From Yuma to Sierra Vista and all the way down to Benson. Yes, there are Filipinos there too.

Here's a brief overview of Filipinos in Arizona.

There is an estimated population of 33,000 (officially, nearing 40,000 unofficially) Filipinos in Arizona. Majority of the Filipinos in Arizona live in the Greater Metro Phoenix area - Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Avondale, Goodyear, Surprise, and Scottsdale. There are also Filipinos in Casa Grande, Flagstaff, Coolidge, Prescott, Douglas, Sierra Vista, Benson, Yuma, Tucson and Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, area.

Filipinos migrated to Arizona through either jobs (medical, military, software programming), family members or Filipinos who just wanted to have a change in weather from the cold east coast or a break from the hustle and bustle of California.

There is also a small group of Filipino Mexicans who are the descendants of the Filipino migrant workers back in the 30s and 40s, as well. Recently, there has been a group of Filipino teachers from the Philippines that have been introduced in the Arizona Educational System. Most of the Filipino teachers are assigned to the outlying areas. Some of the major hotels in the valley have also hired seasonal Filipino workers to work for their demand in the winter, as well.

Filipinos in Arizona celebrate a major event each year and that is the Independence Day Celebration which is held at ASU West every June of each year. Each of the organizations also have their own respective gatherings through the year like Easter, Simbang Gabi, annual parties, award ceremonies, induction ceremonies, fund-raising activities, and special occassions or visits by Philippine dignitaries.

There's three or four stores (click here for Filipino store listings) and several restaurants (click here for Filipino restaurant listings) that cater to the Filipino community in Arizona. Most of the stores do have a in-house restaurant. There are two local Filipino newspapers. Contact us for advertising details.

Several churches are attended by Filipinos in Arizona. Our Lady of the Valley is home to Filipinos (www.fccaz.com) living in the Metro Phoenix area. There is also St Thomas Aquinas in the Avondale-Litchfield area, Sts. Simon and Jude, and many more. There are also several prayer groups like BLD, Amor Dei, etc., and Christian, Iglesia ni Kristo, and Baptist groups, as well.

A Filipino Basketball league is held at the Washington High School Gym during the summer and winter. There are two golf associations who also hold a combined tournament annually. There used to be a tennis group that met at Rose Mofford park on Sundays but we're unable to verify that it is still in effect.

Each of the Arizona universities have Filipino Student Associations.

We welcome you to Arizona and hope you enjoy the heat in the summer and love our winters :-) Maraming Salamat Po!

Links to DMV, utilities, phones, cable, and garbage. Also includes links to websites of various major cities in Arizona.

Arizona Motor Vehicle Department

City of Avondale, Arizona
City of Chandler, Arizona
City of Flagstaff, Arizona
City of Glendale, Arizona
City of Goodyear, Arizona
City of Mesa, Arizona
City of Peoria, Arizona
City of Phoenix, Arizona
City of Sierra Vista, Arizona
City of Tucson, Arizona
City of Yuma, Arizona

Arizona Counties

Maricopa County, Arizona
Pima County, Arizona
Other Counties, click here

Lists the current Filipino owned and operated businesses in Arizona.
The Filipino American Journal
Lists the current companies who employ Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in Arizona.
If you wish to receive the Arizona Filipino Community Events automatically through email, please enter your email here:
Below are events and activities of the various organizations in Arizona.


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