Filipino Australian Association of the Northern Territory – Marrara Australia

A small group of professional Filipinos formed the Filipino Association of the Northern Territory (FAANT) in October 1973, with John Rivas, (first President) and Nicanor Pagsanjan (Vice President), Elena Javier (Secretary) and Lilia Marquez (Treasurer). The Office Bearers were inducted to office by the late Darwin Mayor, Tiger Brennan, at a function at the residence of Lino and Cynthia Molina, Parer Drive, Wagaman. (NT News, 1974) More…

Objectives of the Association

FAANT promotes friendship among Filipinos in the Northern Territory and between Filipinos and other nationalities in the Northern Territory. It welcomes all Filipinos to the Northern Territory and assist all Filipino migrants in their integration and settlement into the community. More…


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