Filipino Association of New Brunswick, Canada

Groups of Filipinos were already actively participating in government-initiated projects and multi-cultural endeavours way before the actual association was formed. And it so happened that during the Canada Day Celebration last July 1st 2007, Tony Mina unexpectedly witnessed the participation of many Filipinos wearing the national costume, waving the Philippine flag, proudly marching and announcing to everybody who they were and where they were from. It was a sight to behold. This inspired Tony Mina and an idea took root from that day on.

Tony Mina was the former president of the Filipino Association of Nova Scotia. He thought of contacting the people to suggest the formation of an association and to become a recognized body. A group with a sense of community and unity is awe-inspiring but by becoming a registered organization, one will have more capacity to achieve greater aspirations in looking after each other’s welfare as well as in  reaching out to others .

It was an opportune time when Tony Mina received an information about the Philippine Ambassador’s visit to New Brunswick to attend a conference in St. Andrew. The Ambassador wanted to meet the Filipinos in New Brunswick as well. Tony Mina conferred with Jocelyn Weirathmueller and the other Filipinos in the area about the information. He suggested to form the association then and to invite the Ambassador during the induction of  the newly elected officers.


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