Elevator Use in the Philippines

There seems to be a lack of information on elevator etiquette in the Philippines.

Here’s why:

No matter where I went, if there is an elevator, the people who are getting on the elevator seem to rush in while people are still getting out of the elevator. Why is that? It seems like they are scared that the elevator would leave them. To this day (after 18 months living in the Philippines), I really don’t get it. [showmyads] So to the people of the Philippines, what is good elevator etiquette when boarding an elevator?

Boarding etiquette dictates that you should wait until everyone who is getting off has left the elevator before you step inside. You should not attempt to block the doors of the elevator to hold them open, because this is rude and potentially dangerous. If you are running to greet the elevator, you can politely ask that someone press the “door open” button, but be aware that the occupants of the elevator may decline. Courtesy of http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-good-elevator-etiquette.htm

Then there’s the rest of the other stories …

There is the repetitive pushing of the up or down button to call the elevator hoping that it will come faster.

The Up or Down button is already lit, so they hit it again. I heard one story that this one lady pushed the Up button so hard, she leaned her whole body while pushing the button. Maybe she was thinking it would go faster. I really don’t get that. The Up or Down button is a switch. It tells the system that someone is calling the elevator on the floor where the switch is located. Then this goes to some other system that analyzes the call so the system can send the first available elevator to the floor based upon the condition of the rest of the elevators. Pushing the button many times doesn’t make it any faster. The system already knows there is someone calling on the floor you are in. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elevator#The_elevator_algorithm

There is also the repetitive pushing of the Door Close button hoping that the door will just close faster.

It serves no purpose to repetitively pushing on the Door Close button in hopes that the door will close faster. Can you imagine if the elevator door just slammed shut? You are better off holding the Door close button down and hold it so it will force the door to close no matter what unless someone hits the door safety switch.

There is also the repetitive pushing of the Door Open button hoping that the door will just open faster

I saw people pushing the Door Open repetitively thinking the door will open faster. Not! It opens at a certain speed or rate. Imagine if the door just slammed open. I don’t think maintenance will like that.

There is the getting on the elevator and don’t know which floors it serves

In some buildings, there are designated elevators for certain floor numbers. There are some people who just ride the elevator not realizing they are on the wrong elevator. There are signs outside which floors they serve but they don’t look. They just ride on it and then later on they find out they are on the wrong elevator they usually say … “Ay wala palang 30th floor dito”

There is also the getting on the elevator and not pushing the floor they want to go

People just rush in, play with their cellphone, then don’t push the button to select the floor they want to go to. Once they reach the top floor or the elevator passed the floor they want to go to, they realize they didn’t push the button. Ooppss! I guess they are taking the scenic route.

Where do these all happen? The whole Philippines I would say. I guess they still have a long way to go in learning good elevator etiquette.

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