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About TheFilipino.com

TheFilipino.com started in 1999. Primarily catering to Filipino American communities, TheFilipino.com offers Philippine news links, live Philippine radio broadcasts, and local community events. 

With a vision of being the primary source of information for Filipino American communities in each state, we continually searching for services that can provide valuable assistance to the community. We provide web design and web hosting services to non-profit organizations and businesses, as well.

For the past five years of existence online, TheFilipino.com received a total of 1,236,000 hits for the year 2004 and 2,281,464 hits in 2005. Our site is listed on popular search engines and we strive to maintain our position on the first two pages of a search relating to Filipino news, radio stations, and organizations. We also own several domain names pertaining to Filipino services. To date, we average between 4,000 to 6,000 9,000 to 10,000 hits per day or 3.2 million hits per year. Our 10,000 goal was achieved this year 2008. Our goal for next year will be 12,000 hits per day which amounts to about 360,000 hits per month or 4.3 million hits per year.

TheFilipino.com takes pride in providing assistance to Filipinos and Filipino Americans be it offline or online. Here's what people are saying:
Norman P. Aperocho
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Fri Nov 28 22:32:26 2003

Mabuhay. This is a wonderful site to view.....More power to all of you.

Cecilia Schondel
Copenhagen, 2950 Vedbęk Denmark - Fri Nov 28 05:17:46 2003

Tusind tak!!Thank you for maintaining this website. It bridges the gap between Europe & the Philippines. My big Xmas wish is that you can add FM radio based in Davao City. More power to all of you. Merry Christmas and A bright New Year. Cecil

mildred delos Reyes,curtis 
webster, wisconsin usa - Tue Nov 25 16:36:23 2003

thank you for this coolest site. i would like to get in touch to anyone who knows me from high school. i graduated in tanque national high schoolin 1991. so if you happen to graduated thesame year i was just email me at "phil_amgirl@yahoo.com" ope to hear from anyone.

Edison, NJ US - Fri Nov 14 22:29:49 2003

Nice site! Keep up the good work. You bridged the gap..home will never be far.

Kiel, Antwerpen Belgium - Sat Nov 8 03:59:20 2003

This site is awesome,you did very well.congratulations!!!First of all i want to say i love you to my love Joeson Advincula from Texas.I miss you na...Ikaw lang mahal ko sa buhay... from your love Charmy... once again thiis site is great...thnx for giving me chance to signed to this site...thnx you very much.... from charmy in Belgium

imma buenviaje 
zurich, switzerland - Fri Oct 24 05:57:52 2003

MABUHAY PILIPINAS! greeting's from the land of the finest chocolates SWITZERLAND!!! regards to all!;-)

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In the year 2000, the US Census bureau reports that the Filipino population in America had reached 2,013,117 million people. Despite this population, the Filipino American market remains fairly an untapped market by advertisers. A constantly growing market who spends millions of dollars on entertainment, food, transportation, real estate, money remittance, and phone cards. This is not to include Overseas Filipino Workers who are employed in various countries who have online access. They too have access to our site. 

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